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Gold Collection

Gold Collection

  • R 1,499.00

    Valeria Gold

    The Landing Place

    Soft, textured and inviting to the touch available in a range of trendy designs and exquisite colour combinations. Intricately hand woven to produc...

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    R 1,499.00
  • R 1,949.00

    Rossini Gold

    The Landing Place

    Construction: High Density Machine Woven Yarn: 100% Heatset PolypropyleneBacking: Latex Sizes: 1.60 x 2.35mPile Height: 9-10mm

    R 1,949.00
  • R 1,269.00

    Kendra Gold

    The Landing Place

    Style: High Density Machine Woven Yarn: 100% PolypropyleneBacking: Cotton Cloth Sizes: 1.60 x 2.30mPile Height: +/- 9-10mm

    R 1,269.00